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News and Success


Old News




November 2017


1st of 6
It's Chief
(Swan Hill)
WENT 07Nov17 1000m Good MDN-SW $7,500 ($4,250) Ms Stacey Metcalfe (a) 59kg (cd 57kg) Barrier 1
2nd Sathern 59kg, 3rd Seduce Me Now 53.5kg 1:00.24, 2.2L $4



5th of 6
MILD 07Nov17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
MILD 07Nov17 1400m Good4 MDN-SW $10,000 ($250) Ms Jessica Eaton (a) 58.5kg (cd 56.5kg) Barrier 1
1st Desert Duel 58.5kg, 2nd Brakefoot Bling 56.5kg 1:25.68, 11L $3.50
2nd of 8
MILD 07Nov17
Shortly Miss
(Swan Hill)
MILD 07Nov17 1200m Good4 MDN-SW $10,000 ($1,700) Ms Jessica Eaton (a) 56.5kg (cd 54.5kg) Barrier 8
1st My Giddy Aunt (NZ) 56.5kg, 3rd Hopsing 58.5kg 1:12.68, 3.5L $8



4th of 4
BALR 04Nov17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
BALR 04Nov17 1400m Good3 MDN-SW $6,500 ($250) Ms Kacie Adams 59kg Barrier 3
1st Vanilla Spirit 55.5kg, 2nd Power of Speed 56kg 1:28.46, 3.49L $2



October 2017


3rd of 9
DEN 21Oct17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
DEN 21Oct17 1000m Firm2 MDN $6,000 ($450) Ms Kacie Adams 55.5kg Barrier 5
1st Pikelets 55.5kg, 2nd Family Business 54kg 0:57.64 (600m 35.04), 1.83L $3.60
6th of 10
MTNG 14Oct17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
MTNG 14Oct17 1175m Good4 MDN-SW $12,000 ($300) Christopher Brown 59.5kg Barrier 10
1st Gold Mogul 57.5kg, 2nd Wide Open Road 59.5kg 1:10.72 (600m 36.16), 8.15L, 3rd@800m, 2nd@400m, $8.50/$9/$8.50/$8


September 2017

3rd of 9
POON 30Sep17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
POON 30Sep17 1200m Good MDN HCP $7,100 ($560) Christopher Brown 55kg Barrier 2
1st Make Me Dough 55kg, 2nd Lord Oberon 59kg 1:11.77, 3.1L $3.50
8th of 14
SW H 15Sep17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
SW H 15Sep17 1200m Good3 4UP MDN-SW $25,000 ($625) Ms Chelsea MacFarlane (a) 58.5kg (cd 55.5kg) Barrier 5
1st Tarryhoot 58.5kg, 2nd Pewter 58.5kg 1:11.01 (600m 35.28), 5.1L, 1st@800m, 1st@400m, $61/$51/$101/$81
10th of 12
WKBL 02Sep17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
WKBL 02Sep17 1000m Good4 MDN-SW $22,000 ($550) Trent Germaine (a) 58.5kg (cd 55.5kg) Barrier 10
1st Ramensky 56.5kg, 2nd I Love Champagne 56.5kg 0:59.06 (600m 34.94), 9.75L, 8th@800m, 12th@400m, $41/$51/$61



July 2017


12th of 12
MILD 17Jul17
It's Got Moves
MILD 17Jul17 2000m Good4 SV MDN-SW $20,000 Ms Tara-Jane Mitchell 58.5kg Barrier 10
1st Dr Jameson 58.5kg, 2nd Marikoriko 56.5kg 2:07.04 (600m 36.92), 33.9L, 5th@800m, 10th@400m, $101/$151/$201
14th of 14
DON 19Jun17
It's Got Moves
DON 19Jun17 1350m Good4 2UP MDN-SW $20,000 Ms Chelsea Hall (a) 58.5kg (cd 57kg) Barrier 14
1st Peruggia 56kg, 2nd Danny Wizz Bang (NZ) 58.5kg 1:20.73 (600m 34.60), 17.55L, 9th@800m, 12th@400m, $101/$151/$201



June 2017

Its Chief

Its Got Moves


More photos on race day page.


13th of 14
SW H 11Jun17
It's Got Moves
(Swan Hill)
SW H 11Jun17 1200m Soft5 3Y MDN-SW $23,000 Lachlan King (a) 58kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 10
1st Yisa 56kg, 2nd Sistine Saint 58kg 1:12.13, 9.8L,
11th of 14
SW H 10Jun17
It's Chief
(Swan Hill)
SW H 10Jun17 975m Soft5 3Y MDN-SW $20,000 Ms Christine Puls 58kg Barrier 4
1st Unique Lovely 56kg, 2nd King Wimbble 56kg 0:56.72, 10.5L,




(Unencumbered / Faith Firebird)

DOB 7/09/15



May 2017


8th of 13
MILD 22May17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
MILD 22May17 1400m Good3 2UP MDN-SW $20,000 ($500) Ms Christine Puls 58.5kg Barrier 9
1st Lucapa Diamonds 58.5kg, 2nd King Joey 58.5kg 1:25.39 (600m 36.40), 6.15L,
12th of 12
MILD 22May17
It's Got Moves
(Swan Hill)
MILD 22May17 1200m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $20,000 Ms Christine Puls 58kg Barrier 4
1st Melsan 56kg, 2nd Seento (NZ) 58kg 1:12.37 (600m 36.40), 24.65L,
7th of 10
HSHM 06May17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
HSHM 06May17 1200m Soft5 4UP MDN-SW $20,000 ($500) Ms Christine Puls 58.5kg Barrier 4
1st Mrs Bignell 56.5kg, 2nd Groove With Me 56.5kg 1:12.01 (600m 35.80), 7.15L,


April 2017


4th of 11
ARAT 29Apr17
Shortly Miss
(Swan Hill)
ARAT 29Apr17 1100m Heavy9 MDN-SW $20,000 ($900) Ms Christine Puls 56.5kg Barrier 10
1st Waa Master 56kg, 2nd Shakarl 58.5kg 1:09.93 (600m 39.24), 4.55L, 3
6th of 10
WKBL 15Apr17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
WKBL 15Apr17 1200m Good4 MDN-SW $20,000 ($500) Ms Christine Puls 58.5kg Barrier 10
1st True Kisses 54kg, 2nd Goodjamak Baby 58kg 1:12.25 (600m 34.98), 4.55L,
4th of 11
WKBL 15Apr17
Shortly Miss
(Swan Hill)
WKBL 15Apr17 1000m Good4 MDN-SW $20,000 ($900) Ms Chelsea Hall (a) 56.5kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 1
1st Moshquito 58kg, 2nd Strathbyrne 56.5kg 0:58.38 (600m 34.36), 2.45L,
4th of 10
MILD 03Apr17
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
MILD 03Apr17 1000m Good4 MDN-SW $20,000 ($900) Ms Christine Puls 58.5kg Barrier 10
1st Yulong Xiong Ba 58kg, 2nd Lady of Leisure 56.5kg 1:00.01 (600m 35.12), 6.6L,



December 2016


Fun at Lake Boga






  • Dylans Devil-Sold to Loriot stud.




Two youngsters back in work


Tomic (Peta Chalmers) and Captain (Maddi Lloyd)




Congratulations to our number one jockey Christine Puls who ended up getting four winners at Nhill.

Wish we could have made it five for you.

  • Its Got Lip: 2nd /9 Nhill 26/12/1 -1150 metres, (C Puls), Beaten 4 lengths

  • Dylan Devil: 5th/7 Nhill 26/12/16-1650 metres, (C Puls) Beaten 14.8 lengths



  • Its Got Lip: 4th/9 Stawell 10/12/16 (C Puls) 1100 metres Beaten 1.65 lengths. Barrier 9

  • Dylan Devil: 5th /12 Stawell 10/12/16 (C Puls) 1300 metres. Beaten 3.7 lengths. Barrier 3



November 2016

  • Its Got Lip: 4th /12 Swan Hill, 1200 metres (C Puls). Beaten 2.3 lengths Barrier 12



  • Its Got Lip: 3rd /7 back up at Swan Hill (C Puls) 6 days later 7/11/16, 1200 metres, Beaten 3.2length

  • Dylan Devil: put up a great run 1600 metres first up at Swan Hill (C Puls) 7/11/16 and missed the start by 5 lengths. Ran into the raced and eased down at finish as wasn't going to win after giving them that much start.


  • Its Got Lip: 2nd /8 Mildura 1/11/16 1200 metres. Beaten .2 length

October 2016

  • Its Got Lip: First start back 8/13 Swan Hill (C Puls). 975metres beaten 6.65 Lengths.

  • Congratulations to New owners Bill Perret of Tamworth with Below The Belt who has won and placed now at Gunnedah and Muswellbrook.

  • We welcome a new edition to the racing stables, "Lette", Shortly Miss who is now in work.

August 2016

  • Tomic and Captain-had a spell after being broken in, now in work.

  • Its Got Lip and Dylan's Devil returned to work.

  • Pocket just broken in and now will be spelled.


April 2016

  • It's Got Lip-beaten a length, now having a well deserved spell.

  • Below the Belt sold to Bill Perett.

  • Race day and gallery photos updated


6th of 7
AVOC 25Apr16
Below the Belt
(Swan Hill)
AVOC 25Apr16 1200m Good4 4UP MDN-SW $10,000 ($180) Ms Christine Puls 58.5kg Barrier 5
1st Miss Magnifique 53.5kg, 2nd Satan's Lovechild 56.5kg 1:13.40 (600m 36.32), 13L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $17/$21/$21
7th of 9
MILD 04Apr16
Below the Belt
(Swan Hill)
MILD 04Apr16 1000m Good4 MDN-SW $20,000 ($500) Bradley Vale 58.5kg Barrier 6
1st Time Square 58.5kg, 2nd Aftershave 58.5kg 0:59.82 (600m 35.38), 5.2L, 7th@800m, 5th@400m, $26/$61/$61
2nd of 9
MILD 04Apr16
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
MILD 04Apr16 1400m Good4 MDN-SW $20,000 ($3,400) Ms Christine Puls 58kg Barrier 9
1st Blacklisted 58kg, 3rd Short Changed 58.5kg 1:24.78 (600m 36.98), 1L, 7th@800m, 7th@400m, $7/$8.50/$8


March 2016


  • Picked up a new Stryker colt-yealing.

Pocket "Stryker colt / Styker with Stewie and Brodie

  • Its Got Lip placed at Swan Hill and then no luck a Ballarat.


10th of 11
BRAT 22Mar16
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
BRAT 22Mar16 1600m Good4 3Y MDN-SW $23,000 ($575) Fabian Alesci 58kg Barrier 1
1st Von Galleta 56kg, 2nd Scandal Sheet (NZ) 58kg 1:40.91 (600m 36.00), 12.45L, 3rd@800m, 4th@400m, $31/$61/$61
4th of 8
DON 04Mar16
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
DON 04Mar16 1350m Good4 3Y MDN-SW $20,000 ($900) Fabian Alesci 58kg Barrier 6
1st Three Strykes 56kg, 2nd Strategic Jeuny 58kg 1:21.43 (600m 35.96), 2.2L, 3rd@800m, 5th@400m, $31/$71/$71


February 2016

Its Got Lip


Dylans Devil




9th of 10
WOD 20Feb16
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
WOD 20Feb16 2050m Good4 0 - 58 $16,000 ($288) Lee Smith 54kg Barrier 4 Rtg 46
1st Doogans Rise 56.5kg, 2nd Swanhilde 56kg 2:05.62 (600m 37.10), 11.3L, 10th@800m, 9th@400m, $61/$61
6th of 11
WOD 20Feb16
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
WOD 20Feb16 1100m Good4 3Y MDN-SW $20,000 ($500) Fabian Alesci 58kg Barrier 6
1st Chapel Road 58kg, 2nd Pacific Tycoon 55kg 1:05.18 (600m 35.66), 8.15L, 7th@800m, 7th@400m, $21/$41/$41
6th of 11
TAT 08Feb16
It's Got Lip
(Swan Hill)
TAT 08Feb16 1100m Good4 3Y MDN-SW $20,000 ($500) Fabian Alesci 58kg Barrier 1
1st Mr Barker 58kg, 2nd Seven Love 56kg 1:05.87 (600m 35.92), 6.85L, 7th@800m, 7th@400m, $26/$26
13th of 13
BDGO 06Feb16
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
BDGO 06Feb16 1600m Good4 F&M 0 - 58 $16,000 Lee Smith 55kg Barrier 5 Rtg 48
1st Bellissima Miss (NZ) 59kg, 2nd Menegatti 59kg 1:37.53 (600m 36.20), 11.9L, 13th@800m, 13th@400m, $101/$61



January 2016


8th of 9
NARA 03Jan16
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
NARA 03Jan16 2000m Soft6 BM 64 $10,000 Ms Christine Puls 54kg Barrier 9 Rtg 50
1st Hadda Couple 59kg, 2nd Ruby Road 56kg 2:05.93, 19.9L, 9th@800m, 9th@400m, $26/$26




December 2015

  • Dylan's Devil placed again. Tries real hard.

Dylans Devil at Kerang.


Dylans Devil at Moulamein


7th of 9
KRNG 26Dec15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
KRNG 26Dec15 1800m Good4 BM64 $10,000 ($250) Lee Smith 55kg Barrier 6 Rtg 50
1st Seulamont 55kg, 2nd By His Design (NZ) 57kg 1:52.77, 4.5L $10
3rd of 5
MOUL 12Dec15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
MOUL 12Dec15 1600m Firm1 CL1-SW $6,000 ($475) Cameron Quilty 57kg Barrier 1 Rtg 48
1st Clovelly Hill 56kg, 2nd Saint Blackwires 52.5kg 1:39.83, 1.1L $2.20


November 2015

  • Dylan's Devil placed again. Tries real hard.

  • Shazaconi retired, owner going to breed with next season.


10th of 11
SW H 29Nov15
(Swan Hill)
SW H 29Nov15 1600m Good3 0 - 58 $16,000 ($288) Cameron Quilty 54kg Barrier 5 Rtg 33
1st Ruby Road 58kg, 2nd Seulamont 54.5kg 1:38.03 (600m 36.98), 9.35L, 10th@800m, 11th@400m, $101/$101
3rd of 11
SW H 29Nov15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
SW H 29Nov15 1600m Good3 0 - 58 $16,000 ($1,280) Cameron Quilty 54kg Barrier 3 Rtg 50
1st Are the Bungs In 58kg, 2nd Browneyedhawk 56.5kg 1:38.01 (600m 37.16), 0.95L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m, $26/$26
9th of 10
HAY 21Nov15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
HAY 21Nov15 1800m Good CUP-BM65 $15,500 Michael Heagney 54kg Barrier 6 Rtg 50
1st St Andrews (NZ) 56.5kg, 2nd Sommernachtstraum (GER) 57kg 1:53.86 (600m 36.48), 20L $18



October 2015

  • Dylans Devil put in two good runs flying home.

2nd of 8
BALR 31Oct15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
BALR 31Oct15 1750m Good4 BM50 $6,500 ($1,125) Lee Smith 58.5kg Barrier 3 Rtg 49
1st Dog Tags 57kg, 3rd War Horse 59kg 1:46.06, 1.8L $8
6th of 9
BALR 31Oct15
(Swan Hill)
BALR 31Oct15 1400m Good4 BM55 $7,800 ($225) Ms Jessica Eaton (a) 54kg (cd 51kg) Barrier 6 Rtg 33
1st Relied 55kg, 2nd Saturday First 58.5kg 1:26.09, 2.5L $12
11th of 12
DEN 17Oct15
(Swan Hill)
DEN 17Oct15 1200m Good3 BM45 $6,000 Cameron Quilty 54kg Barrier 10 Rtg 35
1st Relied 60kg, 2nd Lamartine 60.5kg 1:10.20, 10.7L $21
4th of 9
DEN 17Oct15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
DEN 17Oct15 1600m Good3 CL3 $6,000 ($225) Ms Nyssa Burrells (a) 56kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 3 Rtg 50
1st Saturday First 55kg, 2nd Brown Energy (USA) 59kg 1:38.50, 5.2L $15


September 2015

  • Dylans Devil had her first start for stable, wasnt a bad run at Donald but did not back up for Jerilderee


13th of 14
JER 19Sep15
(Swan Hill)
JER 19Sep15 1200m Firm2 BM45 $7,000 Simon Miller 54kg Barrier 14 Rtg 37
1st Better Idea 61.5kg, 2nd Chatrang 59kg 1:11.36 (600m 35.45), 8.2L $41
9th of 9
JER 19Sep15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
JER 19Sep15 1400m Firm2 BM50 $7,000 Jake Duffy 58kg Barrier 9 Rtg 52
1st Lorrie's Gift 56kg, 2nd Alpha Auriga 56.5kg 1:23.50, 16.9L $16
12th of 12
DON 14Sep15
Dylan's Devil
(Swan Hill)
DON 14Sep15 1354m Good3 0 - 58 $16,000 Fabian Alesci 57kg Barrier 11 Rtg 56
1st Bel's Lad 59kg, 2nd Already Leica 58kg 1:20.76 (600m 35.64), 9.9L, 11th@800m, 11th@400m, $41/$51

August 2015

  • New purchase Below the Belt had his first start for the stable.



July 2015

  • Fairley Vain-had her fist start at Mildura 20/07/15 (Brad Vale) and didn't show her zing at all, got stage fight and threw her head in the air. Has had three trials previously , now another trail with blinkers. Extremely disappointing run we were gobbed smack was an understatement. Retired from racing


  • Fun day at the track 18/07/15.



Four heads other horse on track


"Rio" Below the Belt (our beautiful boy who will nudge you for a pat) and "Boxer" (another alias the pensioner)

 on the inside with Helen and Jane Mathieson on her youngster.



"Ruby" Fairley Vain and she knows it.




"Shazza"-Shazaconi (the boss) and Helen.




"Synders"- Dylans Devil-our little quirky mare, who just loves being patted.





  • Five thoroughbreds in work. Recent trials at Swan Hill (Fairley Vain), Burrumbeet (Fairley Vain) and Kerang (Fairley Vain, Shazaconi and Below the Belt)



Shazaconi winning trial and Below the Belt on the outside finished 2nd.


June 2015


  • Went to a SHCV judges seminar and got a photo with farrier Peter Stafford and his rug that he was given by trainer Dermot Weld of Vintage Crop "1993 Fosters Melbourne Cup". First overseas runner to win the Melbourne Cup.


  • We have purchased two older tried horses. Welcomed Below the Belt and Dylan's Devil.


May 2015

  • Its A Rat raced at Mildura and isn't fast enough for a racing career. He has been sold to Kaytlyn Lawton to become a ODE. We wish them all the best with Rett and look forward to the updates.

Rett at his new home



APRIL 2015

  • Shazaconi -spelling

  • Its A Rat-Up to trialling


March 2015


February 2015


January 2015




December 2014

November 2014

  • Shazaconi raced in Hay 22/11/14 ridden by Cameron Quilty, over 1200 metres and won the race and enjoyed the dirt track. Thank you to sponsors Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital and Hay Bowling and Gold Club.

  • Shazaconi raced Melbourne cup day in Mildura for a fourth. Now to be put out over distance. Hoping to get over a mile in the near future.


October 2014

  • The thoroughbreds are in full swing, three three year olds , and one two year old in work, and another two two year olds coming in next week.

  • Shaza and Heather trialled last week and Heather will trial this week. Heather trialled and has gone shin sore and is now out for a spell.


July 2014


Three Bridges Stud;

Thank you to the Liston family for our two new thoroughbred youngsters.

  • Boxer,2yo gelding, Bay Gelding. Sire: Stryker, Dam: Majestic Harmony DOB. 3/11/2012, bred by Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, G Johnson, Vic

  • Hope; Weanling filly, Sire: Captain Gerrard, Dam: Sweet Secret DOB: 08/11/2013 bred by Pipeliner Bloodstock Pty Ltd, SA


Shazaconi had her second start (D Gauci) in a 1400 metre race at Caulfied.10/10. Has now gone out for a spell.


June 2014


  • We welcome to new weanlings to stables from the Inglis sales.

  • " Xena" ( Red Arrow / Stars Turn Out-NZ ) DOB 19/09/2013

LOT 232







  • " Tingles" , ( Amedaus Wolf / Selana). DOB 19/09/2013.

LOT 211




Amadeus Wolf



Amadeus Wolf information




  • Shazaconi had her first 2yo start at Bendigo. Ran home on her own merits. A lovely quiet sensible filly.

  • The Long Road raced at Swan Hill (June carnival) and has now been retires to stud.

  • Jerry (spots) and May are currently being broken in.

  • Rett the Rat has received his official race name. It's A Rat.

  • Rett trialled in May at Swan Hill and has been turned out after going shin sore.

  • Shaz also has trialled at Swan Hill and Donald. Has her barriers certificate and will continue in training at the moment, looking for a start in the near future.

  • Shandy raced at Sandown and has since trialled at Donald.


May 2014


Two new yearling fillies have arrived (shares available. Click on shares if interested)


Sire: Astronomer Royal (USA) (Danzig / Sheepscot)

Dam: Selena (Arena / Electrique)

Sire: Reward For Effort (Exceed and Excel / Miss Prospect)

Dam: Miss Mayfair (Kingston Rule (USA) / Mariscaranzia)




More Baby track work photos





Condensation for sale


2yo's in work-having fun before the hard work begins:  Rett the Rat (Cornerman gelding) and Shaz (Bianconi filly) have been getting ridden for a couple of months. Just started going into the track.


"Rett The Rat"
















News from Jayde

  • The Modern Youth and Aussie Oasis have settled into there new homes. Thanks Jayde for the photos.


The Modern Youth


Aussie Oasis

For Sale-


Bianconi Filly

  • Shaza-16.1hh at 2yo

Moonee Valley

  • The Long Road-1200 metres, put in a shocker, tongue was black from tongue tie.


Foal photos

Its All Good / Von Costa De Hero


Carbonados / Strategic Maneuver




Comdensation / Captain Gerrard

News from Tammy-Bev has settled into her new home


Oaks Day -Flemington-7/11/13

Please go to race Day for all our photos of Oaks Day.

  • The Long Road- (Dean Yendall) raced Oaks Day-Group 3 Munn Stakes Flemington. Only beaten 5.0 lengths. Slow to begin


  • Shaz: Bianconi / Shazattack 2yo filly being educated.


More Departures-

  • Aussie Oasis and The Modern Youth have been sold to the same Show home. We wish Jada all the best with her purchases and we look forward to hearing their success.


  • Bev has also been sold to a lovely show home and will be breeding Appalooa's. We wish Tammy all the best with Bev and again look forward to seeing pictures of her foals from Tammy\'s imported Appaloosa stallion.  www.yallawa-appaloosas.com

Tammy Basham and Bev



Mildura Races-5/11/13


  • Dont Tell Trish-(Darren Evans) 1200metres. 8/8

  • The Modern Youth-(Wayne Herford) -1800 metres 8/8


Balranald Races-2/11/13

  • The Modern Youth-(Ashlee Beer) 1750metres. 7/7

  • Aussie Oasis-(Cameron Quilty) -1400 metres 5/7



October 2013


Swan Hill Races-28/10/13


  • Dont Tell Trish-(Caniel Moor) 975metres. Checked at start-12/12

  • Aussie Oasis-(Kane Post) -1600 metres 11/11. Tongue tie fell off.


Mangatang Races-12/10/13

  • The Modern Youth-(Britanny Hussey) 1550metres. 7/8

  • Aussie Oasis-(Samantha Noble) -1550 metres 10/10


September 2013


Two thoroughbred foals have arrived.-Very excited


August 2013


Another 2yo filly arrives to thoroughbred band.
  • Ronnie's Girl (Heather); Elvstroem / Kel's Bel.
Three New thoroughbreds have arrived to Uhavta
  •  It's All Good (Gulided Time (USA)-Amarula) : In foal to Von Costa De Hero
  • The Long Road (Blevic / Regal Jezabel) : will race and then be put in foal.
  • a 2yo filly from Swettenham stud (Bianconi /Shazatak). Now being broken in.
Its All good / The Long Road

August 2013


Swan Hill Trials (20/08/13)

  • Bev-Trialled.

July 2013


Swan Hill Races (29/07/13)

  • Aussie Oasis -(Christine Puls). 1600 metres. 7/13. Beaten 7.9 lengths.

  • The Modern Youth-(Kate Walters). 12/13. Sent to paddock for a spell.


Mildura Races (15/07/13)

  • Aussie Oasis -(Christine Puls)-2000 metres. 6/13. Knuckled and checked off heels. Beaten 4.6 lengths.

  • The Modern Youth-(Holly McKechnie)-2000 metre. 08/09. Beaten 8.1 lengths.


Bordertown Races (4/07/13)

  • The Modern Youth-(Christine Puls)-1900 metre. 11/11. Put in a shocker.


Mildura Races (1/07/13)

  • Aussie Oasis-(Christine Puls)-1800 metres. 6/12. Knuckled at start. Beaten 5.1 lengths.

June 2013


Echuca Races (24/06/13)

  • The Modern Youth-(Christine Puls)-2100 metres 9/13. good run.  6.3 Lengths.


Mildura races transferred to Echuca (17/06/13)



Its Got Manners


  • Its Got Manners (Christine Puls)-1000 metres 9/10

  • Aussie Oasis-(Christine Puls)-1600 metres. 4/10.

  • The Modern Youth-(Christine Puls)-1300 metres 7/11.


Swan Hill (9/06/13)


  • Aussie Oasis-(Christine Puls)-1600 metres. 2/14.

  • The Modern Youth-(Christine Puls)-1300 metres 12/13.


May 2013


Ballarat (23/05/13)

  • Aussie Oasis-(Christine Puls)-1400 metres. 11/11.


March 2013


Swan Hill (15/03/13)

  • Bush Barmaid-(Christine Puls)-1300 metres. 9/9


Stawell (8/03/13)

  • Bush Barmaid-(Harry Coffey)-1100metres. 10/10



February 2013


Donald (22/02/13)

  • Bush Barmaid- (Josh Cartwright (a2)-1000 metres. 8/13.



January 2013


Murtoa (1/01/13)

  • Bush Barmaid- (Nick Mehmet)-1200 metres. 8/10.

  • The Modern Youth -(Nick Mehmet)-1600 metres. 8/8. Put out for a spell.





December 2012


Kerang (26/12/12)

  • The Modern Youth -(R Booth) 1800 metres. 8/9


Mildura (7/12/12)

  • The Modern Youth -(B Vale) 1800 metres. 6/8

Ararat (3/12/12)

  • Aussie Oasis: (H Coffey)-2000 metres 9/12. Put out for a well earned spell.

  • The Modern Youth -(P Marks) 2000 metres. 8/9


November 2012


Donald (18/11/12)

  • Aussie Oasis: (D Steakhouse)-2000 metres 9/12


Dunkeld (17/11/12)

  • The Modern Youth -(K Walters) 1800 metres  8/8


Mildura (6/11/12)

  • The Modern Youth -(K Walters) 1800 metres-wins the race, still learning.



  • Aussie Oasis: (J Dertillis) 4th, took the tongue tie and blinkers off. Didnt really blow.


October 2012


Swan Hill

  • The Modern Youth -(C Puls) 1600 metres-made up a heap of ground finished 5th


St Arnard

  • Aussie Oasis: (C Puls) 4th, fell out the gates


Mildura races

  • Aussie Oasis: (C Puls) 3/8 in a 1800 metres Beaten 1.4 lengths

  • The Modern Youth -1300 metres-didn't take a run, beaten 6 lengths running home.



Manangatang races

  • The Modern Youth (D Larson)-1600 metres, nice run



Donald Races

  • Dont ell Trish: (C Puls) 10/10 in a 1000 metres, given a spell.




September 2012


Murtoa Races

  • Aussie Oasis: (D Stackhouse) 8/11 in a 1600 metres

  • The Modern Youth (D Stackhouse)-1100 metres

  • Chilvarly Khan: (C Puls1200 metres



Bendigo Races

  • Chilvarly Khan: (Brad Rawiller)-10/10.


August 2012


Mildura Races

  • Aussie Oasis: (Jacob Rule)-raced wide without cover. Finished 6.5 lengths from the winner. Pulled up extremely well, recovered quickly, hardly blew.

  • Chilvarly Khan: (Zhacary Scullie)-jumped well. Looking for ground.


  • Welcomes a new thoroughbred broodmare "Rubi"  Carbonados (Rubiton / Blithe Spirit). A double cross of Better Boy. We also welcome two new thoroughbreds into the racing team. Settling Day (Reset / Harriet-NZ)-A double cross to Sir Tristram and Don't Tell Trish (Show of Heart / Langtryst.

"Rubi"  Carbonados (Rubiton / Blithe Spirit)

Swan Hill Races

  • Chilvarly Khan: (3yo gelding) had his first start. Jumped with them and missed early speed. Came home well. Needs distance.


Helen's birthday in June look what she got. A beautiful painting done by the very  talented Helen Coutler



  • The Modern Youth  and Its Got Manners (6 weeks spell) are back in work.

  • Chilvarly Khan: (2yo gelding) has his second official trial at Bendigo.


July 2012

  • Ausssie Oasis (4 weeks spell) and Buttoutski (6 weeks spell) are back in work.

  • Chilvarly Khan: (2yo gelding) has his first official trial at Burrambeet.


June 2012

  • Alexander Avenue has been SOLD. We wish his new owner and Alex a happy life together.


Mildura Races

  • Aussie Oasis: ran another beautiful race and finished third. Now having a well deserved spell. Been up for 18 months.


  • Alexander Avenue has been retired and is available for sale

Swan Hill Races (June carnival):

  • Its got Manners: has her first start and was squeezed out at the  start per the stewards report. Ran a nice race. Now having a spell.

  • The Modern Youth; missed the start. Ran on at finish. Was a great run. Was shin sore now having a spell.

  • Aussie Oasis: ran another very honest race and made the 2000 metres and finished 4th.


May 2012


Bendigo Trials

  • The Modern Youth and Its Got Manners (Mandy) trial. Mandy now has her Barriers certificate.

  • "Bev" has been turned out for a spell. Need to get her a name. Has trialled and been up for a 6 months.


Mildura 20/05/12

  • Aussie Oasis; (Harry Coffey); rode a lovely race and finished 5th in an 1800 metre. Now we know he can make the distance.

Swan Hill Trials:

  • Chestnut filly Bev from Primus has her second trial, and The Modern Youth passes his barriers certificate.

Thoroughbred Names

  • Just got back two names Its Got Manners (Manner Hill ? Condensation) and Bush Barmaid (Elvstroem / Nuts About Jugah).


Donald 13/5/12

  • Aussie Oasis; (apprentice) races in a 1350 caught wide. Pulled up exceptionally well.

  • Hooters bought into work.

  • Alexander Avenue has been having a spell since last start.


April 2012


Swan Hill-ANZAC DAY 25/4/12

  • Aussie Oasis; (John Dertillis) stepped up to 1600 metres. Has had three starts in three weeks. Made the distance and will go further. Led in race but we want to teach him to settle. Happy with run.

  • Alexander Avenue: (John Allen). 975metres, didn't back up, and nicked his leg on electric fence. Hopefully now we can get some weight off his back. Not happy with run. Will go out for a spell, if doesn't come back in with his game play on then may be for sale in the near future.


Hillston 21/4/12

  • Alexander Avenue: (Bradley Vale). 1000metres, outside barrier and was carted out to the outside of the track.


Mildura races 16/4/12

  • Aussie Oasis; (C Puls) stepping up in distance finished fourth in a 1400 metre maiden


Kerang Races 7/4/12


  • Aussie Oasis; (C Puls)stepping up in distance finished fourth in a 1400 metre maiden

  • Alexander Avenue: (Chris Pace) 8/8 in an 1100

March 2012

Swan Hill Races-16/3/12

  • Aussie Oasis: (C Puls) 6/8 in a 975metre. Needs to step up distance

  • Alexander Avenue (C Puls), stepped up to 1200 metres, Did not like the extra distance.



February 2012

Swan Hill Races 14/2/12


    • Aussie Oasis: (Kate Walter) 12/12 in a 975 metre. Polaxed. See stewards report of race.

    • Alexander Avenue (C Puls), 6/11. Only beaten 2.5 lengths. Will step up a bit of distance.



January 2011

Murtoa races 1/1/12

  • Sweet Polly-4th and retired.

Deniliquin Races 1/1/12

  • Alexander Avenue (N Vuilli), 7/8. First start for us.






"Rett The Rat" (t/b foal)


Stewie checking over the new edition

The Modern Youth "Goosey" starting to look like a race horse

Kyle the new worker for Uhavta and Austy Coffey racing stables

Kirsty patting Rett



New Kids On the Block

  •  Alexander Avenue (Beckett / Conviviality)

  •  Bay Filly (Elvstroem / Nuts About Jugah)


 Our thoroughbred foal

  • Rett the Rat "Rett" : Cornerman / Condendation. Rett was born on the 31/08/11. He is a half brother to Vaporisation, Seven Bridges and our un-named two year old Mandy.

11 days old


  • Poetic Blur (Felix): Sold to a loving home in Clyde



  •  Playing at home with the thoroughbreds.

Poetic Blur-going over the levy

Wild Armani

  • Generous Two raced at Mildura, didn't like tongue tie, the raced Swan Hill 25/04/11. Now retired. As per the jockey doesn't want to race anymore.

  •  Poetic Blur raced at Hillston and he didn't like the going or dirt. Then we put him in a shorter race at Kereng 23/04/11 getting him fitter for a distance race in the future.

  •  Aussie Oasis was all set to race over Easter-trialled three times, but now has an abcess under his jaw being treated.

  •  Wild Armani: had her first start in a race at Kerang 23/04/11 and what a momonth fete this has been. Guided by Wayne Hokai in the saddle she jumped awkward and two collided. This filly will be heaps better for this race. This is a very hormonal mare and has required a lot of work to get her to settle in the barriers. Special thanks has to go to Austy Coffee and Heath Chalmers, they did a heap of hard work with her at the start getting her to walk through the barriers. Then she went to Kelly and Luke Adcock's were they got her to trail and get her barriers certificate.


February 2011

Darwin Racing

  • Congratulations to the owners and trainer of Seven Bridges (out of our thoroughbred mare Condensation), returning to winning form in Darwin. First start back in from a spell 26/01/11 2nd only going down by a head after missing the start and then 1st on the 26/2/11.



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