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  •   A picturesque property in Euston, just over the Victorian border of  Robinvale.

  •  Visitors welcome by appointment.


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Vale: Uhavta Miss Deception (Jackets Bluebird / Rajina Nikki)
DOB 29/10/1999 to 8/02/2018
˝ sister to Uhavta Springtime Attraction, Uhavta Country Charm and Uhavta Entertainer.
Dam of Hamlot park Royal Quest, Hamlot Park Royal Rose, Hamlot Park Minuet, Hamlot Park Deception, Hamlot Park Splendour, and Hamlot Park Africa.
I remember camping with Uhavta at Barastoc and was saying I couldn’t find a Galloway.
They said they had one that had been shown at Melbourne Royals and Adelaide Royal and was still maturing in paddock.
The rest is history, I took one look and fell in love.
Uhavta Miss Deception (Phoebe) has been a wonderful mare for  myself and my daughters.
I remember multiple people wanting to buy her. (big breeders and said never for sale).
The first supreme rug I won at Mildura show and you cried with happiness and slept with the rug.

I had lost count of the rugs that she has won.
I rode her at Barastoc for runner Up Newcomer. I was so nervous..
All my daughters rode her at different times of their riding careers.

Even coming in from the broodmare paddock at times
Phoebe gave us a great start to showing and then her wealth as a broodmare was prominent commencing Hamlot Park Stud..
Phoebe had stunning foals with the Hamlot prefix .

I will miss her dearly but she will be in my heart forever.




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