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We run our White Dorper stud on  a beautiful little property right on the “ mighty “ Murray River at Happy Valley, near the township of Robinvale , north west Victoria.

The red cliffs straight opposite Homestead.

Our name “ Bannerton” is actually our nearest location however Bannerton only has an old grain silo, two houses and a cemetery.

At Present we have 100 breeding ewes.


With a long farming history we " Bruce and Danni " have always been around and involved in sheep.

Danni trades as a woolclasser and back in 2001 had to do a revised woolclassing course, where she was introduced to " New breeds in Australia ".

The dorper was very much one of those new exotic breeds, that she seemed to take a interest in straight away, and hence our dorper relationship started.

In 2003 we purchased 12 East Friesian X white dorpers, the best mothers we had ever been involved with.

Our first full blood pedigree sheep where purchased in 2005, a ram from Glen Park white dorpers in Wentworth N.S.W. , and a ewe from Annalara white dorpers in Dubbo.

 We have since included Edson livestock , Red Rock  and Alawah genetics

We believe that dorpers and White dorpers are a true easy care meat sheep that will continue to grow and better itself in Australia.

The history and  interesting facts can be found on the dorper and white dorper web site

As well as on many other breeders web sites that can be found in the dorper and white dorper breeders directory.


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