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August 2016

  • Lots has happened at Bannerton Ridge white dorpers over the last three years.

    We have purchased the Happy Valley homestead, which is the original homestead built in 1924.

Happy Valley Homestead

  • Our stud has been grown steadily over the last entry on webpage and have added a new stud ram.
  • Went to Bendigo Wool and sheep show this July 2016 and had great results in both show and sale
  • Zoe Wilson with a Bannerton Ridge white dorper Ram which sold at Bendigo sale for $ 2,200.00


2016 Sires:

New Stud Ram “ Dumisa Turbo “

A Type 5 ram with a fully shedding cover .

He has a very strong Head and carries himself well.




  • September 2013


  • Bannerton Ridge took a team of 9 sheep to the Australian sheep and wool show Bendigo.

    • Came home with great results.

    • Placed first with a pair of ewes showing two teeth.

    • Placed second in the August to December 2012 Ram, A very large class with most of the top studs showing.

    • Placed second in the current ram lamb also a larger class this year.


  • Sold two ewes with lamb at foot.

    • We topped the white ewe sale with one of our ewes 11-0140  fetching $800 sold to HM Baird Castlemaine

    • and $500 for ewe 11-0136

    • We also got $1,700.00 for the ram 12-0222 that placed second in his class sold to C Dawes Boulton

    • and $800 for ram 12-0188



  • August 2012


    • Danni went over to Red Rock White dopers in July/ August to do her second senior dorper course. The course leader was Raymond Reed, a South African inspector and course leader.

    •  I had a great time, Raymond Reed was a fantastic teacher and l had found that my knowledge of the dorper breed and standards has so much improved. A huge thank you to Brad and Tanya Edson for holding this course once again and also for them letting me stay on a further two days to watch and help out with the classing of their sheep.


    • My Results

    • Point Ten White dorper rams 72/75

    • Point Ten dorper rams 63/75 = 90% pass


    • Place 5 rams 45/50

    • Place 5 ewes 40/50 = 85% pass


    • Discuss 5 rams 45/50

    • Discuss 5 ewes 44/50 = 89% pass


    • Theory 45/50 = 90 % pass


    • Overall 354/400 = 89 % pass rate




  • July 2012

    • Bannerton Ridge White dopers took a small team of sheep to this year Australian sheep and wool show held in Bendigo Victoria  on the 20th to the 22nd July.

    •  With just over 310 dorper and white dorper entries from 29 exhibitors made it the second largest breed on show [ merino’s being the largest ]

    • The judge was international  quailified classer and inspector  of the dorper breed Raymond Reed.

    •   We are very happy with our results.

    • Our young ram “P.J” was entered in the August to December 2011 drop. This class had over 20 very nice rams all from the top studs within Australia.

    • We scored a ribbon with a sixth place.

    • Our 2 year old ewe came 3rd.

    • Our over 1 year old ewe came 5th, and our ewe lamb won the currant year ewe lamb event.

    “ P.J” in the Middle




  • March 2012

    • 6th March 2012

    • Bannerton Ridge White dorper Rams sold at Swan Hill dorper sale, making up to $ 750.00 in a buyers market.


  • Getting 2 ewes and 2 young rams ready to put on display at the Broken Hill AGFAIR on the 4th and 5th May.



  • November 2011

    • Had 8 sale rams tested for Ovine Brucellosis all tests Negative.

    • Slaughtered 3 dorper wethers in ready for the BBQ season, one dressed out at 30 kilo's and two at 28 kilo's, they where just on 8 months old.

    • YUM, nothing like having your own lamb on the BBQ, roasted or cured.



  • October 2011, Took a selection of white dorpers over to the Berrigan show, had a top day and met heaps of lovely people.


  • July 2011, Three Bannerton Ridge White dorpers where taken to the Bendigo wool and sheep show where dorpers were the Feature breed of the show. Took home two first place blue ribbons, won the 2011 white dorper ram lamb event and the novice white dorper ewe all ages. Very happy with the results.


  • March 2011, Danni passed her first senior dorper course. This was held at Dell dorpers near Moama Vic. [Thanks to Andrea van Niekerk and various helpers ] Rodney Rayner was the course leader.


  • August 2010, Danni passed her Junior dorper course held at Red Rock White Dorpers near Keith S.A. [Thanks to Tanya, Brad Edson and various helpers] Course leader was Rodney Rayner, A well known South African dorper judge, inspector and classer.


  • April 2010, Bannerton Ridge had Rodney Rayner inspect 14 white dorpers on place,

    • 5 ewes where placed as type 5

    • 5 ewes where placed as type 4

    • 2 rams which had been used in our breeding program where passed as type 4





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